Tribute to Harry Johnson

DAFTS are very sad to learn of the death of much-loved supporter Harry Johnson, aged 91.

Harry was until recent years a regular at home matches – and was also in the past a popular member of DAFTS, especially on weekends away.

He was a proper gentleman, with a lovely, quiet sense of humour, who still made it to matches and joined in with the group, even when not always in the best of health.

Certainly he’d seen his fair share of Darlo defeats over the years – and a roll of the eyes at the end was usually enough to tell you had seen it all before.


The retired railway worker, the father of DAFTS coordinator Neil Johnson, died peacefully in hospital in Darlington on Monday, of heart failure.

His funeral will be held on Friday 18th January at 9am at St Matthew and St Luke’s church on Brinkburn Road.

All his friends from DAFTS far and wide send their condolences to Neil and family at this sad time.